Now that you have taken the ALEKS assessment, you may be wondering what you need to do next. The tool below is meant to provide you with our recommendations on what course or action to pursue based on your scores and incoming major. Select your response to each of the questions and then click the “See your recommendation” button. Remember that you can always reach out to your major adviser if you have any questions or concerns about getting into the appropriate math course.

Recommendation Builder

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ALEKS Results to MP Tiers

When your ALEKS results are posted to your myUCSC portal they are converted to a math placement tier (MP Tier). This chart shows how the MP Tiers correlate to your ALEKS results.

ALEKS PPL Result MP Tier
Below 60 100
60-69 200
70-74 300
75-84 400
85-100 500

* “Biology” in the Major field above refers to the following majors:

  • Biology B.S.
  • Global and Community Health B.S.
  • Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology B.S.
  • Neuroscience B.S.
  • Ecology and Evolution B.S.
  • Marine Biology B.S.
  • Plant Sciences B.S.